Outsourcing of specialized labor

EDP works with generation, commercialization and distribution of electricity in the country. It has an installed capacity of 2,381 MW related to the portfolio of hydro, wind and thermal power plants. The renewable sources are prevalent among the generation assets of EDP. Because of the energy crisis, EDP saw the need of expanding its structure of professionals in some hydroelectric power plants (UHE) and Small Hydro Power (PCH).

Solution: In 2012, EDP signed the contract, counting on the experience of RECURSUS ENGENHARIA Outsourcing team. The work was done in partnership with schools, unions and local radios, for the search and hiring of engineers, technicians and specialists. These professionals worked in UHE Santo Antonio do Jari (AP/PA), UHE Luis Eduardo Magalhaes (TO), UHE Mascarenhas (ES), UHE Suiça (ES), PCH Alegre (ES), UHE Mimoso (MS), PCH Costa Rica (MS) and PCH Paraiso (MS).

Benefits and Results Found:

The contract managed by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA includes since Recruitment and Selection, Admission, Medical Exams, SESMT, EPI Control and Distribution, Benefits Administration, Payroll and Legal Documents Management, Union Agreements, Work Accidents Administration / Licenses, Terminations and Approvals, enabling indirect advantages that bring financial savings.

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