(Português do Brasil) Huawei

Construction management

Huawei is in Brazil since 1999 through partnerships stablished with the main operators of mobile and fixed telephony in the country. It holds a considerable share of the national market of 3G USB modems, with over one million terminals sold since the implementation of the system in the country. Their concern with the acceptance of technology and mainly with the quality of service made Huawei celebrate an agreement with RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, specialized in the management of telecommunication systems deployment.

Solution: RECURSUS ENGENHARIA management team strategically planned the scope, given the complexity in operate nationwide, with considerable demand from all Operators. RECURSUS ENGENHARIA could multiply the knowledge, maintaining the quality of its services. It managed the completion and implementation of the steps of the Radio Frequency, Transmission, Infrastructure, Activations and Acceptance.

Benefits and Results Found:

All the responsibility of management of RECURSUS ENGENHARIA on more than 5,000 sites/ activities managed, boosted Huawei to drive its expertise increasing its market share in Brazil, promoting and ensuring that all the planning would be executed according to the deadlines and costs agreed with the installers.

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