Lucent Technologies | PROJECT ELETRONET

Project engineering

In Brazil since 1981, Lucent’s (currently Alcatel-Lucent) goal is growing in the areas of Router, Transport and IP Platforms. Besides, the company is also focusing its business in Wireless and Fixed Access for broad brand. In Eletronet Project, Lucent was hired to completely implementing the system of data communication via OPGW technology, for several national electricity transmission companies.

Solution: Through the use of tools and concepts in project engineering and a high qualified team, RECURSUS ENGENHARIA was one of the partners in this project, contributing to the jobs. It was its responsibility making the inspections and developing the projects of infrastructure and equipment, related to the implementation of sites to house telecommunication equipment for data system via OPGW technology, benefiting the energy transmission companies: Chesf, Furnas, Eletronorte and Eletrosul.

Benefits and Results Found:

Upon receiving the complete project developed by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, Lucent could bid all the works with the market, thus achieving great economic results and time optimization for hiring process. In the execution stage, the detailed executive project enabled a shorter time for the work, reduction of contractual amendments, reduction of changes on the project, compliance with technical standards, lower client intervention, among other indirect benefits.

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