Construction management

Motorola was the creator of the communication industry via cellular. It was the company that invented most of the protocols and technologies that made the mobile communications possible, and brought the first cell phones to the market. By agreement with Embratel, Motorola needed to implementing the Digital Communication System Wimax-Embratel nationwide.

Solution: Using its expertise in construction management, RECURSUS ENGENHARIA was hired to manage all the infrastructure and equipment assembling activities, focused on the implementation of 430 sites, located in several Brazilian states, that would house Motorola telecommunication equipment.

Benefits and Results Found:

The process of construction management, realized by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, allowed Motorola to focus its efforts in its main expertise (supply of communication equipment, hardware and software of high performance). All activities necessary to the phases of implementation of stations, as for instance, interface with the suppliers, technical analysis of projects, supervision of the steps on schedule, documentation control, monitoring acceptance/activation, physical measurements of events, among others, were under RECURSUS ENGENHARIA accountability.

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