Project engineering

MotoMotorola was the creator of the communications industry via cell phone. It was responsible for inventing most of the protocols and technologies that turned the mobile communications possible and bringing the first cell phones to the market. With a contract with Embratel, Motorola needed to implement the Communication Digital System Wimax-Embratel throughout the Brazilian territory.

Solution: Through the use of advanced technologies and personnel highly skilled, RECURSUS ENGENHARIA developed for Motorola/Embratel multidisciplinary engineering executive projects (architecture, electrical, air conditioning, foundation-structure, power, security, etc.), including setting up the process for construction biddings (list of materials, descriptive memorials, invitation letter, draft agreement, etc.). Also, it has developed and followed the process for construction regularization with all the legal bodies (since the approval till the achievement of permits for operation) for 430 Sites for the telecom equipment, located in the whole country.

Benefits and Results Found:

Getting the complete project developed by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, Motorola could bid all the works with the market, thus achieving great economic results and time optimization for hiring process. In the execution stage, the detailed executive project enabled a shorter time for the work, reduction of contractual amendments, reduction of changes on the project, compliance with technical standards, lower client intervention, among other indirect benefits.

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