Project engineering

Motorola was the creator of the communications industry via cell phone. It was responsible for inventing most of the protocols and technologies that turned the mobile communications possible and bringing the first cell phones to the market. With Vivo, Motorola had the challenge of implementing the CDMA-Digital and 1XRTT Communication System (Telesp Celular).

Solution: As Motorola partner in many projects, RECURSUS ENGENHARIA was the company responsible for carrying out the inspections and developing the projects of infrastructure and equipment, aiming to implement over 250 Radio Base Stations (ERB) and six Centers (CCC, CBSC e MSC) throughout Sao Paulo state.

Benefits and Results Found:

Getting the complete project developed by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, Motorola could bid all the works with the market, thus achieving great economic results and time optimization for hiring process. In the execution stage, the detailed executive project enabled a shorter time for the work, reduction of contractual amendments, reduction of changes on the project, compliance with technical standards, lower client intervention, among other indirect benefits.

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