Construction management

Motorola Solutions is a provider of highly innovative solutions and services to commercial customers and public security government agencies around the world. Motorola Solutions ensures that employees in services of public utility are always connected and visible to each other through voice communication and real time data throughout the intelligent net. In the Confederations Cup 2013 and the World Cup 2014, the Army needed an efficient system of communication that could ensure the security and integrity of all the people involved on these events.  

Solution: Motorola Solutions could rely on RECURSUS ENGENHARIA expertise and vast knowledge in project management. RECURSUS ENGENHARIA carried out the management and supervision of the infrastructure works and equipment installation for the Communication System for Safety, in all the venues of the Confederations Cup FIFA-Brazil 2013 and World Cup FIFA-Brazil 2014.  

Benefits and Results Found:

The process of construction management, realized by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, allowed Motorola to focus efforts in its core expertise (supply of communication equipment, hardware and software of high performance). All the activities necessary to the phases of implementation of stations, for instance, interface with suppliers, technical analysis of projects, follow the steps on schedule, documentation control, follow the acceptance/activation, physical measurements of events, among others, were under the responsibility of RECURSUS ENGENHARIA.


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