Net Communications

Project engineering

NET, the largest cable telecommunications and entertainment services company in Latin America, and the leader in Brazil in the pay-TV and broadband markets, needed to expand its customer base and area of operation through the installation of new equipment buildings (Or HUB's and Headend's Centers) throughout the national territory.

Solution: Through the use of advanced technologies and highly qualified personnel, RECURSUS ENGENHARIA developed multidisciplinary engineering executives (architecture, electric, air conditioning, foundation-structure, hydraulics, safety, etc.) for NET, including the assembly of the process for bidding (List of materials, descriptive memoranda, invitation letter, draft agreement, etc.). Also elaborated and followed the process for regularization of the works with all legal bodies (from approval to obtaining licenses for operation) to more than 200 Equipment Centers throughout the country.

Benefits and Results Found:

With the receipt of the complete project developed by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, NET was able to tender all the works together with the market thus achieving excellent economic results and optimization of the time in the contracting process. In the execution stage of the project, the detailed executive project allowed a shorter time in the execution of the work, reduction of contractual additives, reduction of project modifications, compliance with technical standards, less intervention of the client, among other indirect benefits.

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