Outsourcing of specialized labor

Siemens, one of the world leading suppliers in products, systems, solutions and services for economic, reliable and intelligent transmission and distribution of electricity, owns a portfolio with facilities and systems to the electrical network of low-voltage and distribution, smart grid solutions and high-voltage transmission systems. The company needed to meet the excess of new projects demand, without compromising the quality of the current services.

Solution: Siemens counted on RECURSUS ENGENHARIA Outsourcing, that provided the company with experienced and high qualified professionals, to work in the sectors of Industrial Automation, Low and Medium Voltage Energy and Transports.

Benefits and Results Found:

The outsourcing of processes helps Siemens to succeed in carrying out its services in a fast, flexible, safe and efficient way. Over 420 professionals were allocated, among engineers, technicians, planning analysts, logistics and administrative, to give support in important projects like Petroquimica SUAPE, Jirau and Santo Antonio Power Plant, CHESF, Metro SP and Light.

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