Project engineering

TGestiona Brazil manages core processes that are not part of the main branch of other companies such as BPO services, besides logistics. The organization was in charge of building and/or renovating 34 buildings for equipment and offices from Telefonica Group in the state of Sao Paulo. 

Solution: TGestiona counted on the expertise of RECURSUS ENGENHARIA professional team, that developed comprehensive executive projects of multidisciplinary engineering for them (architectural, electrical, air conditioning, foundation-structure, power, security, etc.), including setting up the process for construction bidding (list of materials, descriptive memorials, invitation letter, draft agreement, etc.), so as to enable the construction and/or renovation of 34 buildings for equipment and offices from Telefonica Group in the state of Sao Paulo. RECURSUS ENGENHARIA also developed and supervised the process for regularization of works, together with all the legal bodies (from approval to obtaining the permits for operation) to these centers.  

Benefits and Results Found:

Upon receiving the complete project developed by RECURSUS ENGENHARIA, TGestiona could bid all the works with the market, thus achieving great economic results and time optimization for hiring process. In the execution stage, the detailed executive project enabled a shorter time for the work, reduction of contractual amendments, reduction of changes on the project, compliance with technical standards, lower client intervention, among other indirect benefits.

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